• Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-RahimIn the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate, It contains the true essence of the entire Qur'an, as well as the true essence of all religions.
  • There is no God but AllahThe belief that Allah is One is the fundamental basis of Islam, and when Divine Unity is expressed.
  • La ilaha illa 'llah, Muhammadun-Rasulullahis the essence of the matter, a simple but profound summary of the "Knowledge of God".

300+ Hadith Teachings, 300+ Quranic Tafsir and more !

We teach and enlightened our entire muslim Ummah.


Quranic Tafsir

Full detail quaranic Tafsir By Sheikh Abubakar M. Mukhtar at Yola sorted out in MP3!

Tawheed Articles !

Detail Tawheed teachings of Islam by Sheikh Abubakar M. Mukhtar during his Daawa at Yola.

Hadith & Fiquhu

We provide Hadith & Fiquhu teachings and guidance as directed in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (swt).

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A society can flourish only when its members do not spend all their wealth to fullfill their own desires but reserve a portion of it for parents, relatives, neighbors, the poor and the debilitated. As the saying goes: Charity begins at home. A true believer is thus always prepared, after meeting the needs of his family, to assist other people in need of his help. Thus the spirit of kindness and well wishing is the essence of charity. The giver is not to expect any reward from the beneficiary as there awaits for him an abundant reward from God - material, moral and spiritual - what God deems it best to confer on His servant.
We at Junnatu Sunnah Yola solicte for your generous financial support towards supporting our Dawaah and other activities which can be deposited to our account at Stanbic IBTC - Yola Brach, account number 0011676536 - JUNNATU SUNNAH  May Allah Reward you aboundantly. Amin

Hadith Quotes

[bubble background="#FFF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author=" Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 73, #135"]“ليس الشديد بالصرعة؛ إنما الشديد الذي يملك نفسه عند الغضب The strong person is not the good wrestler. Rather,the strong person is the one who controls himself when he is angry.[/bubble] [bubble background="#FFF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="Ibn Hajar and al-Albani: Hidaayat-ur-Ruwaah, 2/293"] “تبسمك في وجه أخيك صدقة، وأمرك بالمعروف صدقة ونهيك عن المنكر صدقة، وإرشادك الرجل في أرض الضلال لك صدقة، ونصرك الرجل الرديء البصر لك صدقة، وإماطتك الحجر والشوك العظم عن الطريق لك صدقة’’ Smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity. So is enjoining good and forbidding evil, giving directions to the lost traveller, aiding the blind and removing obstacles from the path.[/bubble]

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